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Treatment Options & Enhancements

Requested upgrades will be done within the scheduled massage appointment time

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Included in the Massage | Oil and Lotion

Massage Products That Are Good For Us

We use only the best products that we want on our skin too!  Choose from the following options for your massage:

Fragrant Oils:

Kamani Nut- Tamanu Scent

Kukui Nut- Vanilla Scent

Moringa Seed- Almond Scent

Coconut- Coconut Scent

Lavender- Lavender Scent


Organic Massage Lotion

Organic Sunflower Oil

Personalize your massage with these included options:

Massage Table Heat

Warm Towels

2 Hot Stones

Crystal Therapy

Hāpai Massage with Pregnancy Pillows

Spa Stones

Upgrade Your Day

What Makes Massage Even Better

Try something new or personalize your massage to tailor the treatment to your specific needs.  Here are some enhancements to consider:

Couples Massage- $20 ($10 per person)

Massage for two.

Full Body Pohaku Lomi Lomi- $15 

Hot stones are warm, smooth stones that help to melt and relax muscles and connective tissue.  When used during a massage, they can create a feeling of comfort and grounding. They can be placed to sit on trouble areas or glide along the torso and limbs to help ease tension.

Deeply Moisturizing Whipped Butter- $15

Organic butters and oils are whipped into a rich and nourishing cream leaving your skin feeling soft and deeply moisturized.

Injury Cooling Deep Therapy - $15 

Deep tissue or specific work is done to alleviate an injured or painful area then followed with a topical cooling gel to relax the area and help speed recovery.

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Face and Scalp Treatment
$30 Enhancement

Nourishing Oils For Special Skin

Melt stress away during this relaxing enhancement that focuses on facial and head muscles that is accompanied by warm towel wraps to increase oil absorption.

A mildly exfoliating mask of your choice that softens and smooths skin will be applied during a facial massage followed by Moon Milk's Buriti Facial Oil. Then Nourishing Scalp and Hair Oil promotes healthy skin during an intensive scalp and neck massage that will ease the mind while it helps to restore healthy hair.

Foot Massage

Hand & Foot Treatment

$30 Enhancement

Ease Tired and Aching Hands & Feet

If you work with your hands, spend too much time on your feet, have calluses that could use some attention or simply love great hand and foot massages then this one's for you. 

Our gentle but effective fresh salt and rice bran exfoliating scrub is worked into the skin to smooth any rough spots and warm towels relax tired muscles. Then there is a Moisturizing Whipped Butter massage to relieve any dry or cracked skin and increase circulation.

Aromatherapy Oil

Maui CBD Oil Treatment

$30 Enhancement 

Help to  Relieve Pain and Inflammation

Promising early scientific studies report that topical CBD may be helpful for pain and inflammation and for best results it is most effective to apply it for 3-4 consecutive days so a CBD sample will be included to take home so applications can continue for the following days after your massage.

The hemp and macadamia nut are grown and processed on Maui and it has a super concentrated 2,000 mg of CBD per ounce and is third party tested

Stone Treatment

No Ka 'Oi Treatment

$75 Enhancement

*For appointments 90 minutes or more

Head To Toe Deep Relaxation

No ka 'oi means the best and this luxurious treatment will have you feeling your best and fully renewed! This combination treatment has all of our enhancements including the Face and Scalp Treatment, Foot Treatment, Hot Stones, Cooling Therapy and your choice of Moisturizing Whipped Butter or CBD Oil. 

All tension will melt away with warm towels and stones while putting you in a deep state of relaxation and your skin will be left soft and glowing with all of our skin loving products!

 Always inform your massage therapist of any known skin allergies or sensitivities before your treatment. 

For more information on products used in our treatments or to take them home with you, please check out our product details page in our shop or feel free to contact us with any questions!

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