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At Ola Mau Massage we accept Workers Compensation and No Fault Claims. 

Please contact us to have insurance claims verified and have referrals and health information sent to:

Ola Mau Massage

P.O. Box 791140

Paia, Hawaii 96768

Coverage and Extras

*Insurance claims cover a portion of ONE 60 MINUTE visit per day. 

If you would to extend your massage time longer than 60 minutes, we offer the following to our Hawaii resident insurance clients:

Additional 15 minutes- $35 + co-pay

Additional 30 minutes- $50 + co-pay

Additional 60 minutes- $90 + co-pay

Additional 90 minutes- $135 + co-pay

Additional 120 minutes- $165 + co-pay


Health Information Privacy

Ola Mau Massage is a HIPPA compliant practice. Your health information is kept strictly confidential meaning we do not share your health information without written permission (unless required by law). If you have any questions or concerns regarding your health records please contact our Safety Compliance Officer at

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