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Ola Mau~

Preserving Your

Health & Wellbeing

Ola Mau Massage is a comfortable, clean and peaceful environment where quality therapeutic bodywork takes place. Our massage therapists are highly trained and intuitive with extensive experience in the massage trade.  We work with your specific needs to help preserve your health, decrease stress, restore relaxation and bring a sense of well being to the body.

We understand that a bad massage can feel like a huge waste of money.

However, a fantastic massage is definitely worth every penny and our hand picked massage therapists are some of the best on the island and won't disappoint!

When you feel that you need a massage therapist, we know how important it is to find the ones that actually care and really want to get to know their client's bodies to treat them accordingly.  They should have a calm and supportive presence while being focused on relieving tension in the body and building trust and comfort levels.  Inevitably the connections that form can have major benefits on our daily life, perspective of life, our health and pain management so these experiences can be absolutely life changing!  

Our mission is to bring caring and therapeutic but also spa quality massage therapy to our local Maui community and upcountry visitors.  We love doing massage and want to create a beautiful atmosphere where the perfect massage experiences develop and want to give back to our community with our passion to help others feel their best and continue to benefit their health and well being.


We are located Upcountry Maui, upstairs in the Makawao Business Center on Makawao Ave.

There is lots of parking in the lot right next to the building or there is plenty of parking in the Makawao Town public lot.

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