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Hot Stone Massage

Preparing For Your Ola Mau Treatment and FAQ

Safety Information Page
Preparation & FAQ: Welcome

How can I prepare for my treatment?

  • Take a warm shower or bath

  • Wear comfortable clothing, shoes and a mask 

  • Use the restroom before we get started (we have on-site facilities, just ask your massage therapist for a key)

  • Plan to get to your massage appointment at the scheduled time

  • Please fill out necessary FORMS on the day of your massage before you arrive 

  • When using insurance, please read the Insurance Clients page before booking an appointment 

  • Take a deep breath, relax and know that you are doing something wonderful for yourself!  

What should I expect from my first session?

If this is your first massage or your first massage with us, we recommend thinking about what it is you would like to get out of your session and what areas you might want to be focused on.  We are getting to know each other so be vocal about your needs and we will do everything we can to accommodate any requests.  We care about our clients and want them to have a memorable experience!

What happens when I arrive at my session?

Message us when you arrive for your appointment and we will let you know when we are ready for you to come in.  If you are unable to text or would like a place to wait before your massage, there is a white chair on the balcony and we will come out to get you when we are ready to begin.  Please wait somewhere we can see you easily from the main balcony door if you would like to stand.

How long of a session should I book?

If you are unsure of how much time you will need to schedule for your session, please contact us so we can discuss your treatment expectations and help you make your decision.  For example, if you prefer deep or specific work, 60 minutes might not be enough time for a full body massage.  For some it may take longer to relax into the massage and they might enjoy a longer treatment so they have more time in total relaxation. 

What are hot stones?

Hot stones are warm, smooth stones that melt and relax muscles and connective tissue.  When used during a massage, they can create a feeling of comfort and grounding.  They are hand picked on Maui during a full moon while thanking the location and returned to the same spot when done.

Why isn't my massage time exactly as long as my scheduled appointment time?

Preparing for your massage can help us devote more time for your treatment.  Please consider that during the pandemic your massage therapist has necessary time scheduled for airing out the office and getting the space sanitized and ready for their next client. 

Be aware that when you schedule a session, part of that appointment time is also for you to get on and off the table and for client evaluation and assessment before and after the massage.  This typically takes around 5 minutes or less, especially after you have come in previously and we are aware of your health information.

There has been some ongoing misunderstanding about timing with massage therapy sessions.  Some people think that you should get a full hour of hands on massage and there is no need for evaluation and assessment. This can be dangerous without knowing your health history and having a treatment plan. 

Know that we want as much "hands on" time as we can get for you in order to help you feel your best!  

What is a massage health assessment? 

Pre and post assessment is an important part of massage as it allows massage therapists to gather information to be able to provide you with the best possible massage experience and results.  If this is your first session with your massage therapist, intake might take a bit longer because they are getting to know your specific needs but once you are an established client they will know your history and can focus more on how you are feeling that day. 

You will be asked about medical history like if you have had any surgeries, injuries and allergies or health conditions and medications that might affect how we should approach your treatment plan.

Preparation & FAQ: FAQ
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