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Preparing For Your Ola Mau Treatment


Enhancements & Massage Options

How can I prepare for my treatment?

  • Take a warm shower or bath before coming for your massage.

  • Wear comfortable clothing.

  • Use the restroom before we get started (we have on-site facilities, just ask your massage therapist for a key).

  • Plan to get to your massage appointment at the scheduled time

  • Please plan accordingly if you are receiving treatments on the hair and face as we do not have shower facilities but we do offer a warm towel at the end of every treatment to remove any excess product on your skin if you wish.

  • Be prepared to know how you would like to pay for your session before hand so there isn't any confusion after your massage and you can continue into the rest of your day in a relaxed state.

  • Have the rest of your day scheduled with relaxing or beneficial activities to keep focused on your health and well being. No plans can be perfect too!

  • Take a deep breath, relax and know that you are doing something wonderful for yourself!  

  • What does Ola Mau Mean?
    Preserving Health & Wellbeing
  • What should I expect from my first session?
    If this is your first massage or your first massage with us, we recommend thinking about what it is you would like to get out of your massage and what areas you might want to be focused on. We are getting to know each other so be vocal about your needs and we will do everything we can to accommodate any requests. We care about our clients and want them to have a fabulous and memorable experience!
  • What happens when I arrive at my session?
    We are at the Makawao Business Center (in the same building as Pizza Fresh) and there is a parking lot right next to the building. We are located upstairs near the inner-corner of the building (near where the massage school used to be) and there is a white chair on the balcony for you to sit to wait for you massage therapist. If you would like to stand, please wait where we can see you easily from the main balcony door and keep an eye out for the massage therapist that is coming to look for you. ​ We will come out to get you and you will be escorted to the office when we are ready to begin.
  • Do I have to take off all of my clothes?
    The most important thing while getting a massage is to always feel comfortable! Knowing how to properly drape someone during a massage with a sheet and checking in with clients about their comfortability levels are a big part of being a skilled massage therapist. Some people feel comfortable taking off all of their clothes for a massage because massage therapists only uncover the parts of the body that they will be massaging and all of the important parts will stay covered with the sheet. If you would like to leave some clothing on then that is absolutely okay! It is suggested to wear clothes that you won't mind getting massage products on because using oils or lotions can help to glide over the muscles and get in deeper but if you prefer to have a massage without products then we can accommodate that as well. If there are areas that you would rather not be worked on (for example, the hip area) then let your massage therapist know and those parts can be skipped to focus more on the areas you DO want massaged. It is normal to be a little nervous about getting your first massage or first massage with a new massage therapist and it can sometimes take a few sessions to fully relax when receiving massage therapy but it is definitely worth it! Please know that our experienced massage therapists always want you to be as comfortable as possible and want you to let us know what we can do to improve your experience with us.
  • How long of a session should I book?
    If you are unsure of how much time you will need to schedule for your massage session, please contact us so we can discuss your treatment expectations and help you make your decision. For example, if you prefer deep tissue or specific work everywhere then 60 minutes might not be enough time for a full body massage. Some people might only have a short amount of time or only need a certain area worked on so a quick 60 minute massage could be perfect. For others it may take longer to relax into the massage and they might enjoy a longer treatment so they have more time in total relaxation. You might be surprised how quickly 60 minutes goes during a massage! ​ One of the best things about massage is getting to know your body better and finding out what it needs to feel the best!
  • How do I pay and am I supposed to tip massage therapists?
    Paying with a Credit Card or Electronically is encouraged or we are able to send you an Invoice via Email if you would like. Many prefer invoices so there isn't a need to deal with payment right away after a massage when they are so relaxed and can handle it when they are ready to. We do accept Cash, however, please keep in mind your massage therapist may not have exact change so it is suggested to bring the total amount you plan on paying, although Cash Tips are always welcomed! Typical gratuity or tip percentage for bodyworkers is the same as restaurants so a 20% tip is customary in Hawaii but if you absolutely loved your treatment feel free to show your appreciation how you see fit! Some massage establishments have gratuity included but we don't do this and gratuity is never required at Ola Mau Massage, however everyone in the service industry welcomes it.
  • What kind of massage styles do you offer?
    Lomi Lomi is a treasured massage modality in Hawaii so of all the different styles this one is most present here. It is loved by clients and is incorporated in most massage therapist's practices. Many different types of massage styles and moves overlap so we have found the biggest difference actually lies in the massage practitioner, their experience and their personal massage practice. Every massage therapist has different specialties and a different quality of touch so it is always good to explore different massage styles and therapists. Two massage therapists doing the same moves or style of massage can be a completely different experience! Our massage therapists are trained in many different modalities so unless you request a specific style of massage, they will do a massage health assessment and find out your needs that day then use a mixture of styles that they specialize in to give you a perfectly tailored massage. ​ A few examples of why it is important to know and use different styles during a massage: Someone might like a light and flowing full body massage but are ticklish on their feet so they might enjoy a different style of massage there that is less likely to feel ticklish, like compression. Or someone else might love specific and deep tissue massage on their back but have very sensitive legs so they would probably prefer a lighter or more broad pressure there. Also, sometimes our state of mind or body can change quickly so when we book a massage we might feel like we need a serious deep tissue massage but then go through a stressful life event so we might actually benefit from a much more gentle or relaxing approach in that session.
  • What is Lomi Lomi?
    The sacred healing art of Lomi Lomi uses many techniques that are similar to swedish and asian styles but is most widely known for its long, sweeping strokes that are like the ocean, tide and long rolling waves that are traveling across the body. The comforting and flowing style uses the hands, forearms and sometimes elbows to get into muscle layers, down to the bone to make space so that any tension can be moved out. There are different lineages of Lomi Lomi that were passed down for generations from master practitioners so it is a traditional practice and also a very compassionate and spiritual style of massage.
  • Are there any Covid 19 Safety Policies at the office?
    Thankfully Covid 19 has become less of a concern but safety is always at the front of our minds at Ola Mau Massage. As always, we require our clients to reschedule if they feel ill for the safety of our other clients and our massage therapists. Please notify us as soon as possible if you aren't feeling well with a phone call or text to 808.707.7734 and keep in mind that we do have a no show or last minute cancellation policy if we aren't informed of the change at least 3 hours before the appointment start time. Regulations have changed but our client's health is always very important to us so we will continue to sanitize the massage room between clients and do our best to keep everyone safe and comfortable. Please let us know if you would like your massage therapist to wear a face mask or if you have other concerns that you would like addressed and we will be happy to accommodate any requests help you feel comfortable while you are with us.
  • What is a massage health assessment?
    Pre and post assessment is an important part of massage as it allows massage therapists to gather information to be able to provide you with the best possible massage experience and results. If this is your first session with your massage therapist, intake might take a bit longer because they are getting to know your specific needs but once you are an established client they will know your history and can focus more specifically on how you are feeling that day. ​ You will be asked about your medical history, if you have had any surgeries, injuries, allergies or health conditions and medications that might affect how we should approach your treatment plan.
  • Why isn't my massage time exactly as long as my scheduled appointment time?
    Preparing for your massage can help us devote more time for your treatment. Please consider that your massage therapist has necessary time scheduled for getting the space ready for their next client. Be aware that when you schedule a session, part of that appointment time is also for you to get on and off the table and for client evaluation and assessment before and after the massage. This typically takes around 5 minutes or less, especially after you have come in previously and we are aware of your health information. There has been some ongoing misunderstanding about timing with massage therapy sessions. Some people think that you should get a full hour of hands on massage and there is no need for evaluation and assessment. This can actually be dangerous without knowing your health history and having a treatment plan. Know that we want as much "hands on" time as we can get for you in order to help you feel your best!

Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.  Mahalo!

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