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Ola Mau Massage~
Free Massage For
First Responders

To everyone in our community that has been affected by this horrific disaster, we are sending all of our love and support while you heal and Maui comes together to help you during this terrible time. We are all in shock over what has happened over these last few days and we are grieving with you.


To the first responders that are on the front lines during this truly devastating time on Maui, we want to show you our support by giving you a break and some malama in a peaceful and caring space Upcountry.  We deeply appreciate your efforts to protect us all and will be offering free 50 minute massage sessions to those that are working so hard to keep us safe. 


If we get an overwhelming response from Upcountry massage therapists and the office is full, we will look into finding more space to accommodate everyone or help to organize massage therapists to come directly to your homes. 


Please contact us if you are interested in receiving a massage so we can get it to you as quickly as possible. Please call or text us at (808)707-7734 and make sure to inform us that you would like our First Responders Offer.  Mahalo for all that you do!


For those that are looking for ways to support our first responders directly by giving them some much needed care, we are accepting massage donations at a discounted rate at $50 for a 50 minute massage for our hard working Maui first responders so we can continue to care for them.  To ensure that we can work with as many people in need as possible, every $50 will go towards willing massage therapists that have already donated their time and office expenses.  Any extra or unused proceeds will be donated directly to our Maui Firefighters.  If you would like to donate we are working on a way to do so directly here, until then please call or text us at (808)707-7734.


We will continue accepting new and regular clients because we understand that we all are suffering on Maui right now and everyone needs self care.


In order to do this and depending on how it develops, we hope to recruit more upcountry massage therapists outside of our office that want to help in this matter. We understand that not everyone can donate monetarily or with food, clothing, etc. so this is a way that we massage therapists can give back and support our brave friends.

Any licensed and insured MTs that are interested in helping, please contact us as soon as you can and we will contact you when we have someone who really needs your services.  If you have a portable massage table and would like to go to them, have an office space of your own or would like to use our office in Makawao and want to donate your time and energy, get in touch and we know they will be so grateful!  Please call or text (808)707-7734.


We want to start this right away but it may take the weekend to organize it fully and begin accepting first responder clients.  We expect to start by Monday evening, August 14, 2023 at the latest and will be ongoing for at least the next 2 weeks but we may continue the program depending on how it develops.  


PLEASE SHARE this information or our website with anyone that you believe may be able to benefit from this or help us.  Thank you for your patience as we organize all of the details and we will have posts on our social media accounts as well.  Any questions can be answered by Ola Mau Massage Management and any updates will be announced here, on our website homepage. 

Please call or text us at (808)707-7734

Mahalo to everyone!


The Ola Mau Massage Team

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