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Before Booking an Appointment

Please look over the screening questions in the COVID-19 Health Screening & Consent Form.  Do not fill it out before the day of your appointment but if you currently have any "yes" responses, contact us to help you with scheduling. 

Please also read the Preparation & FAQ page and Safety Information page before booking an appointment

There is important information about what we are doing to keep everyone safe and you know what to expect. These things may change as more is known about the virus

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COVID-19 Health Screening & Consent Form

Our Covid-19 Health Screening and Informed Consent Form needs to be filled out on the DAY OF and BEFORE  each massage appointment. Please read the RISK INFORMED CONSENT TO TREAT FORM thoroughly.

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ASH Health Status Form

If you are using your insurance for your visit please read our Insurance page before booking a massage and keep track of your visits used.  

Print and fill out the ASH Form prior to your FIRST session and bring it with you.  You may be asked to fill it out again to continue being seen (typically after the 5th visit and occasionally throughout the year) and bring updated ASH forms with any major changes to your to health. 

 If you are unable to complete the required paperwork before your massage visit, it will be provided to you before we start your massage.

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Health Information Privacy

For the purposes of treatment and safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, we do collect and store health information from you. Ola Mau Massage is a HIPPA compliant practice. Your health information is kept strictly confidential meaning we do not share your health information without written permission (unless required by law). If you have any questions or concerns regarding your health records please contact our Safety Compliance Officer at

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